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Finding God’s Faithfulness in Creation

Humans are amazing in their capacity as creatures of habit. If someone is sitting in our pew at church, they must be visiting, because anyone else knows we’ve sat in the same seat for 20 years. We frequent the same grocery stores every week and travel to work vis the same path. That routine is sometimes necessary and often beneficial but it can come with detriments; notably the profound often becomes mundane.
Our relationship with God can easily become transformed in the same way, in which God’s profound work is seen merely as normal. In fact, we begin to treat God work not as one of anticipation of his glory, but one of expectation of our glory. We see God’s work so frequently, in so many ways, and in such wonder that it becomes easy to simply expect that God is obligated to work a certain way during certain times. This is different than an expectation of hope and faith but instead is an expectation that obligates God to our will. I fear that in some of God’s ‘routine’ grace in my own life, I am in danger of missing the remarkable work of God, mistaking it for the regular work of God. Perhaps, some of you are in danger of that too.
God continues to work routinely every day in unseen ways. The unceasing rhythm of creation is a simple beginning to our awe. We know that the sun will rise every morning and in the evening it will be replaced by the subdued brightness of the moon. In the spring flowers will bloom while summer and fall bring us the enjoyment of their fruit. The nature that surrounds us was created with such regularity that we measure lifespans, predict tides, and expect certain harvest yields.
We’ve come to expect that this regularity is simply how things are, how they should be, and how they will always be. The continuous cycle without major interruption reveals a major aspect of God’s character towards us: His faithfulness. The Lord has not given or taken away the sun and moon based upon our behavior. Although my sin is horrendous, I enjoy the beauty of orchids and lilies in my garden while I write this and tonight I expect the sunset to be quite spectacular. All of these are God’s doing and should compel us to the attention of who he is. God remains faithful, just as he has revealed about himself through his word.
Do you not find it fascinating that in all of our advancements and technology that should draw us closer to God as his work is further revealed, that the opposite is true? Instead of loving God more, we love him less. Even the Psalmist, with only the observation of his eyes and engagement of his mind, was forced to ponder God’s glory when he saw the moon and stars (cf. Psalm 8).

Even the most basic aspects of creation are profound if we meditate upon what takes place in order to function. Such a truth draws the mind towards God’s glory, attracts the heart to God’s goodness and compels a deeper relationship with Him. Therefore, let us see the extraordinary faithfulness of God through the ordinary order of creation.

Photo “His Fingerprints” courtesy of user Randy Robertson and Flickr.

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