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Unshelved ~ What I Read in October

Just yesterday, a woman began a conversation between myself and two others at my son’s soccer practice. Intrigued by the North Americans, she had asked what we were doing here and from that poured an hour and half of nonstop conversation covering topics from the culture to the cross. In the middle of a conversation about the gospel, we always try to draw people’s attention to the Bible, indicating that it’s not our words that are important but God’s Word. One woman, in particular, began to note how ignorant people are because of their unwillingness to read. I readily agreed and while keeping our conversation fixated upon God, we discussed the importance of reading. What a joy it is to see others get this concept!
In hopes of stimulating others to read, I enjoy sharing my reading list with others, so here are the books that I read this month:
Even though there was much taking place in my life this month for ministry, I was hopeful that several long bus trips, car rides, and boat excursions would give me plenty of time to read. Thankfully, I had those times, because essentially all of my reading occurred then, and what I did read was a lot of quick reads with little thought, as you can see from the list above. Unfortunately, I missed my monthly goal but I am still thankful that there was an opportunity.
How about you, what did your reading look like this past month? What can you do to read just 15 minutes a day in the upcoming month? If you do this, you’ll be surprised by the amount of reading you are able to accomplish over the course of one week, one month, and one year!
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