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Unshelved ~ What I Read in November 2018

After a two-week hiatus for the holidays I am returning;  but only in a limited manner through the end of the year (mostly because I have some books reviews that are due). I begin the month of December with a quick look at the books that I read this past month. I pray that this is a challenge to you to read more, according to your own time and schedule, first Scripture and secondly other books. So very quickly, here are the nine books that I read for this month (you can read more about the books on Amazon by clicking their titles):

  • Culture Shift by Albert Mohler: This book is a bit older and carefully traces some worldviews. Despite its age (10 years old) I think it is even more relevant for today and the ongoing shift taking place.
  • Awe by Paul Tripp: I’ve been thinking more about how our awe of God impacts how we live for God. So, after several years, I finally picked this book up. Paul Tripp is one of my most frequently recommended authors, and this book should capture your attention by putting it on God.
  • The Call by Os Guinness: I remember when this book was first recommended to me, my friend said “I get in trouble for recommending this book, but it has some valid points.” There are some valid points, but there are also some concerns. You can read my review of it by clicking here
  • Valiant Ambition by Nathanial Philbrick: For history readers, this is a great book that traces Benedict Arnold’s heroics and his treachery (with much interaction and overlap of George Washington’s influence in the American Revolutionary War). I’m curious to read his recently released book In The Hurricane’s Eye about George Washington’s leadership in Yorktown. 
  • Never Look At the Empty Seats by Charlie Daniels: I grew up on country music and sometimes certain artists peak my interest, so I pick up an autobiography by them; this time it happened to be Charlie Daniels as the book went on sale. I read these books more for a quick read to get to know someone better. I don’t spend a lot of time in them, critiquing their style, or anything as such. However, as a Christian there was one major aspect that stood out to me: Charlie Daniels shares the gospel. While many country artists will express a belief in God, asked to expound upon that their view of Him is pretty liberal and open. Daniels though is specific and spends 10 pages outlining the gospel message (a whole chapter) and then spends another chapter outlining some biblical history. While there are certain areas that we are certain to be a bit different, I am thankful to see someone so readily share his faith and do so clearly, especially after laying out his early years of partying. 
  • The Navigator and Medusa by Clive Cussler: Of the five mystery authors I read, I have been focusing on Cussler these last few months trying to read through the Numa Files and these represented the next two on my list.
  • God Over Good by Luke Norsworthy and When Jesus Answers by Loren Loving: Both of these are for book reviews (read the review God Over Good by clicking here; When Jesus Answers is in the queue and will be posted soon). Let’s just say, both of these are books full of pretty slippery teaching and represent some of my most frustrating and difficult reads of the year. I would not recommend either of them. 

This represents my November reading time and it represents quite a mixture. As we near the Christmas season and people are certain to get busy, I urge you to take some time (even 15 minutes a day) and read some. Be encouraged by what you read. Read widely, read deliberately, and read freely. 

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