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Arbitrators of Truth ~ Responding to Truth

The pursuit of a personal agenda alleviates any personal responsibility towards the pursuit of truth in our society. I lament that this the cultural compensation to this crisis is by simply creating one’s own truth. Much easier it is to create truth rather than verify it. The problem with created truth is that it may not necessarily be true. The current condition of our society has created the need for every person to take on the role as an arbitrator of truth.

To be an arbitrator of truth necessitates that one must see the need for truth, look for it, and understand it (I previously expounded on this topic at another article that can be read by clicking here). This priority will not exist without first having a desire for truth. The psalmist (David in this case) exhibits an enviable feature: as he cries out to the Lord he craves truth. More specifically, he craves the truth that can only come from God. The desire for truth initiates all of the other qualities of an arbitrator of truth. First, one who desires the truth recognizes the need for its right placement in the guidance of our society. Furthermore, that desire compels one to search for truth when others are content to accept anything but the truth.
Once we find truth though, what do we do with it? If the truth is both necessary and valuable then it must incorporate with it some responsibility; those who possess the truth must be obligated to do something with it. The truth demands the following four responses from us:

  • Love the Truth (2 Thessalonians 2:10): The quest and cultivation of truth immediately begins with the desire for truth as earlier noted. If one does not love the truth, it will be of inconsequential impact in one’s life.
  • Be Immersed in Truth (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:10; 1 John 3:18): Paul speaks of the truth of Christ being in him. His life and writings exemplify one who spent his life immersing himself in the truth so much so that everything that came out of him was oriented towards the truth.
  • Live the Truth (3 John 8): Believers are workers for the truth, meaning they will live and exemplify it. What goes into one’s mind and heart will come out in his or her life. Therefore, those who are immersing themselves in truth (i.e. inputting it into the mind and heart) will follow-up with actions of truth.
  • Proclaim the Truth (Ephesians 4:25): Finally, the truth should be what exits from our mouths.

The truth then, is something that is incorporated entirely into one’s being, part of every aspect of one’s character and actions.

There is no truth though, that exists apart from God and His message. Therefore, every response to the truth is contained within a love for God’s gospel message. Such truth rightly orients people towards the truth (Jesus Christ, John 14:6) and impacts one’s immersion, living, and proclamation of the truth. We must evaluate our commitment to truth by our commitment to God’s gospel.

Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash

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