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Unshelved: What I Read in February & March

Reading instills and develops ideas that are not consistently considered, forcing us to delve into the complexities of this world through the definition of Scriptural truth. I’ve been excited by the books that I have recently discovered that have forced me to pause, read, reread, and contemplate some issues that I have not previously been confronted with. Unfortunately, those books do not make it into this list because I’m still reading them and that process is incredibly slow.

What you will see in this list are primarily books that require little activity and take little time to read. Despite the fact that I have not shared my reading list for two months now, this list will be short because truthfully, I have never had so little time in my entire life and so reading got pushed aside to some degree. When I did have time, I was pretty spent and chose readings that allowed me to simply relax. So here is a quick look at what I read for the months of February and April (click the titles to learn more about the book):

So much of my reading was lighthearted over the past month, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a good lesson to learn; our reading does not have to be deep theology, but simply keep us involved with books on an ongoing basis.

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