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Unshelved ~ What I Read in April, 2019

“The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries” ~ Rene Descartes

The Lord has gifted us with an ability to read, ability to comprehend, and the ability to discern when we are fluent in His Word and reliant upon His Spirit. Reading forces us to come mind to mind with individuals who have thought before us, forcing us to ponder ideas we may not have otherwise considered. So, with the work of the Holy Spirit, the Lord can use what we read to influence us towards Christlikeness. It is an integral aspect to the Christian life (although reading of any material is not a substitute for reading Scripture and all things should be read in light of Scripture). Hoping to motivate you to read also, I share with you the books that I have read in the past month (click the titles to learn more at Amazon about these books):

Because of the busyness of furlough, my last few months of reading have not been as strong as I would like and the reading I have done has been oriented towards books that I can simply relax with, which is what you see on this list. However, April has been a bit better for me and I have been working my way through some heavier (and thicker) books that I will be excited to share with you next month. As you look at the month of April and into the month of May, what are your reading goals for this month?

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