Living for the Glory of God ~ Vivir para la Gloria de Dios

About Me

As I am sure is evident on this blog, I am simply a sinful man who needs a constant supply of both God’s grace and mercy. At the age of 19, after some witnessing from friends and prompting from a (theologically deficient) ministry, I came to a point of acknowledging Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. While growth was present, it was slow those initial years, until one man took it upon himself to disciple me. It was this man that God used to grab a hold of my life and transform my priorities based on a true Christian worldview.

Today, God allows me the privilege of serving him in a variety of ways. Having preached around the world, my main ministry call is to Argentina where I serve as a missionary with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. We work in an area of Argentina planting churches where there are none. While much work is occurring in Buenos Aires, our personal desire has been to work where work is not being done (Romans 15:20). We quickly learned that much of the country is spiritually destitute and the need is great. Therefore, by God’s confirmation, we endeavor to raise up biblically solid churches that will be led by national pastors. We do this through declaration of God’s word, discipling God’s people, and developing God’s leaders (you can read more of our ministry by clicking the following links: Mission; Vision; Argentina).

As a secondary ministry, God has given me the opportunity to preach, teach, and write. I have been granted the occasions to preach around the world. Additionally, in my desire to teach and encourage others, I not only maintain this blog but have been allowed the benefit of being a regular contributor to several online publications and writing for some other ministries (most notably at Biblical Ministries Worldwide, ApoLuo, Voice Magazine, IFCA Harvesters and previously at

Finally, my most preeminent ministry is the greatest privilege of all. As both a husband to my wife, Bethany, and our three children, I have the joy and stewardship of the spiritual growth of my family. It is to them that I find myself most thankful, because without them, ministry could not possible.

You can read more of my biography and find links to some of my other writings and sermons by clicking here.

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